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What We Sell and Links

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The following list of manufacturers produce quality firearms; we are pleased to be able to offer their products for sale as well as many other brands not listed.  Just ask and we will search.

Firearms For the Cowboy Action Shooter:
We stock some of the more popular firearms for the Cowboy Action Shooter.  We can get virtually ANY firearm that is available for the discriminating Cowboy shooter.  We represent Cimarron, Taylors, Marlin, Winchester, Ruger, EMF and others.

Sturm, Ruger. and Company
 - Is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of quality firearms for the commercial sporting market

Colt Manufacturing Company, LLC - When you think of the “sixgun that won the West”, it is the Colt SAA. When you think of 1911, it is the Colt that is the most desired.

Aldo Uberti Firearms - Uberti is your source for high quality old West firearms, owned by Beretta, the oldest manufacturers of firearms in the world.

Cimarron Firearms Company - The leader in quality and authenticity in Old West guns for the Cowboy Action Shooter

Smith and Wesson - One of the oldest names in firearms, often copied, but never duplicated

Marlin Firearms Some of the finest lever rifles in the world, they have been in business since 1870

Browning Firearms The company that bears the name of the greatest designer of firearms - John Browning

Taylors and Company- The company that bears the name of the greatest designer of firearms - John Browning

EMF Company - Importing the best in Cowboy guns since 1956

Archery Products by Martin Archery

We specialize in Traditional Bows exclusively hand made and manufactured in the United States by Martin Archery, established in 1951 and recognized as the finest bows in the world.  Click on the links below to get descriptions and suggested retail pricing.  Then call us for details.

 Martin Archery Traditional Bows

Martin Archery Takedown Bows

We are Authorized Dealers for Morrell Archery Targets, the best in the business, and we sell traditional Thunderhorn Bow Mounted Quivers to compliment your Martin Traditional Bow.

We are also Fleetwood Archery Dealers, bringing high quality traditional bows to our customers hundreds of dollars less than comparable bows.  Click on Fleetwood Archery and link to their traditional bow lineup or come in the shop and put your hands on one.  We stock the Timber Ridge Takedown Long Bow, Timber Ridge Takedown Recurve, the Spartan, and the ILF Hunter.

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